What Type of Dog is Benji?

Benji, an adorable stray dog beloved by his townmates, attempts to save the children of the Chapman family from kidnappers when they become abducted by them.

Higgins was adopted from a shelter by veteran Hollywood animal trainer Frank Inn, who would go out of his way to find suitable dogs in shelters before ever considering hiring them for movies.


Benji, the beloved star of numerous movies and television shows, was adopted from an animal shelter. Filmmaker Joe Camp chose rescue dogs to raise awareness of the millions of unwanted and abandoned animals waiting in American shelters for homes. Since 1974, Benji first graced our screens, and over one million have been adopted from protection as a direct result.

Higgins, the star of Netflix’s most recent reboot of Benji, came from a Mississippi animal shelter after its creators searched through shelters to find one with the right look and feel. Higgins may contain both terrier and hound genes within him.

Benji quickly becomes friends with the Chapman family, comprised of a widowed doctor and his two school-age children, Cindy and Paul. Benji becomes part of their lives while feeding him along with another stray they call Tiffany, but they must keep this fact hidden from Dr. Chapman, who doesn’t want his kids exposed to germs from Benji or Tiffany.

As Benji is a mutt, it’s impossible to determine his physical breed accurately. However, his physical characteristics likely stem from his terrier and hound ancestry, which includes high energy levels, an instinctual desire for prey, strong prey drives, and the ability to bark.

Furthermore, miniature poodle genes could play a part in his character as these intelligent dogs boast luxurious hypoallergenic coats and superior intelligence.


Pulis are double-layered breeds. The longer, harsher top coat naturally tangles with the soft undercoat to form corded felt that gives this breed its distinct look. Brushing or leaving to grow creates an Afro look for this dog breed closely associated with sheepherding roots.

Pulis are wary of strangers and often bark, warning off visitors with strong bites if necessary. Thus, extensive socialization must occur to prevent overly aggressive or territorial behaviors from emerging in these dogs.

The Puli is an intelligent and agile breed of dog that learns quickly but is also independent and willful – these traits stemming from their herding heritage can make training them in obedience challenging; early training should, therefore, be pursued as soon as possible.

Furthermore, herding dogs require plenty of indoor and outdoor exercises; otherwise, they will become restless and exhibit undesirable behavior.

A puli is an affectionate family pet that will delight children when playing together. Herding dogs like these often instinctively herd people and animals, so training them to follow commands and remain calm during public settings is vital.

Attending herding, obedience, or agility classes is also highly recommended to help channel their energy more productively.

Tibetan Terrier

Benji was not a Tibetan Terrier as depicted in the movie. Instead, his character was an adopted rescue from a shelter in Burbank, California, and it isn’t easy to know precisely which breed it was; his real name was Higgins; most believe he’s some form of terrier mix.

If you’re hoping to adopt a dog resembling Benji, visit your local humane society or animal shelter. There, you’ll meet various physical and temperament dogs that resemble him. From there, take him for a walk or play with him to determine whether you get along well.

Carefully assess their health history once you find a suitable Tibetan Terrier companion. Like most breeds of canines, Tibetan Terriers may be predisposed to specific genetic health issues that require special consideration when breeding and raising puppies.

To reduce any possible problems associated with breeding programs that use DNA tests and screening systems to produce healthier pups.

Grooming needs for Tibetan Terriers typically involve maintaining their thick and long coat. To keep this coat in top condition, brush daily to avoid tangles and mats; spray it lightly with water before brushing for extra care and prevent mats from building up from wearing out its condition over time.

Also, trim nails every three weeks for preventive maintenance and clean ears once weekly as prevention; since Tibetan Terriers typically possess moderate to high energy, daily exercise such as walks or runs should also be provided to keep this breed happy and healthy!

Generic Sheepdog

Benji has become an iconic dog, the center of multiple movies and TV shows. He always seems to know where he should be at any given time, winning over millions of hearts with his presence.

Benji may be an iconic television character, but his depiction as a natural dog breed is actually untrue. Higgins (the original Benji) came from a shelter, so his breed mix remains to be discovered. In 2018, Netflix rebooted this character into an animal named Mutt that may or may not contain some trace of terrier DNA.

Though Benji may be fictional, many heartwarming rescue dog stories do exist. While these pups may be known as stray or mixed breed, they come from all corners of the world.

The Old English Sheepdog is a large, shaggy breed with a gentle soul. Though they take pride in protecting their flock, they don’t guard aggressively.

These dogs do best in quiet homes with plenty of exercise available – they tend to develop separation anxiety, so they need socialization to prevent destructive behaviors like chewing their bed! Their distinctive bark sounds like two pots clanging together.


In conclusion, determining the specific breed of Benji, the beloved canine character, remains a challenge due to the character’s diverse portrayals in various films and TV shows over the years. Benji’s charm lies in his mixed-breed appearance, embodying qualities that resonate with audiences regardless of his precise lineage.

The enduring popularity of Benji serves as a testament to the universal appeal of mixed-breed dogs and the unique qualities they bring to our lives. Ultimately, whether Benji is a scruffy street-smart mutt or a carefully crafted mix, his character symbolizes the heartwarming bond between humans and their furry companions, regardless of pedigree.

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