What Kind of Dog is Marmaduke?

Marmaduke is a tall, strong, and slightly irresponsible Great Dane who belongs to the Winslow family and serves as the main protagonist of a famous comic strip by Brad Anderson and a movie based on it.

Marmaduke and his family move to Orange County, California, and meet other canines at the dog park. Phil initially resists entering Marmaduke into competitions, but Guy convinces him otherwise and convinces Phil of Marmaduke’s chances at victory.

Great Dane

Marmaduke is a Great Dane dog made famous in film by Brad Anderson’s comic strip and movie. Marmaladee belonged to Brad and inspired the characters seen in Marmaduke and its sequel, Marmaladee.

Marmaladee had an adorable, massive, playful temperament and reckless side; tall enough for an adult person and had a healthy attitude; they also an ideal companion for children!

These large-breed dogs are known for their loving personalities and make excellent companions for children as they provide close bonds between members of their families. However, be warned they can suffer from health issues such as hip dysplasia, bone cancer, or gastric torsion!

Phil meets Mazie and her group at an Orange County dog park, and despite initial disapproval, he quickly warms up to Mazie and Jezebel (her Australian Shepherd).

Mazie introduces him to Giuseppe, the Chinese Crested, and Raisin the Dachshund; together, they form part of Bosco the Beauceron, who leads an exclusive club at this park.

Phil returns home and finds that Marmaduke has left his house in disarray. In an attempted wrestling match between himself and Carlos, Marmaduke had removed some furniture and knocked over many items on the coffee table. Additionally, his impressive dog surfing ability impressed Petco executives.


Marmaduke, written and released in 2015 by Brad Anderson, is a dog comedy film inspired by the popular newspaper comic strip. This comedy movie centers around an uninhibited but reckless Great Dane named Phil and their adventures together, such as doggy surfing or falling for a beautiful girl.

The Great Dane is a large breed of dog that is a cross between English Mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds. They are gentle yet friendly dogs that make great family companions.

Although Great Danes need plenty of exercise and play, they are brilliant creatures known for being devoted to their family – providing plenty of mental stimulation.

Great Danes thrive in most environments but should only be adopted when you can ensure they will receive enough exercise themselves. Before adopting one for a life-long commitment, ensure you can accommodate all necessary duties before adopting one.

Marmaduke meets Jezebel, a Rough Collie whom he finds attractive; however, she happens to be Bosco’s girlfriend, so he cautions Marmaduke against approaching her. But after watching the movie, he realizes he wants Jezebel after all, and they dance together with other dogs at an amusement park!

German Shepherd

German Shepherds stand out as fearless and determined dogs that make excellent search-and-rescue dogs as they can quickly detect intruders or any potential danger. Additionally, these intelligent family pets make great companions as they tend to be affectionate towards children and are usually quite affectionate towards strangers.

Marmaduke has left many people curious about his dog breed and has inspired many more questions about him as a character in movies like Crash.

Many people also wondered whether or not an honest Great Dane played Marmaduke named George, which belongs to the German breed class and measures 40 inches at withers with 160 pounds on his frame – owned by Phil Winslow!

Despite his immense size and risk-taking behavior, Marmaduke is generally an exceptional dog. He is affectionate and hilarious; he loves playing with other pups while remaining friendly towards children and family members.

Marmaduke stands out as an entertaining character on screen thanks to his affectionate relationship with his owner and his mischief-making ways.

Shih Tzu

Since the movie’s release, many people have asked what breed of dog Marmaduke represents. Some have even gone so far as naming their dogs after this iconic Great Dane character, from Pugs to German Shepherds, and even Shih Tzus have already adopted this moniker! But many others still need to determine whether this decision was appropriate.

Yes! The film features a real dog who was trained specifically for acting. Furthermore, he felt no pain or discomfort during filming.

Shih Tzus is a toy breed that quickly matures into full adult size within ten months. Their short muzzle makes them non-chewers, yet they still enjoy digging and occasional nuisance barking; additionally, their head is round while their eyes are large.

Marmaduke, an enormous, irresponsibly reckless, and dopey St Bernard dog from rural Kansas who belongs to Phil Winslow of a dog food company, loves his family dearly despite his enormous size and often gets into mischief, from doggy surfing to dating a stunning Rough Collie named Jezebel!


In conclusion, the lovable giant Marmaduke brings joy and laughter to comic strips and the big screen. While his breed is not explicitly mentioned, his characteristics and appearance suggest he could be a Great Dane. This breed is known for its friendly nature, gentle demeanor, and impressive size, aligning with Marmaduke’s endearing personality.

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