Can You Bring Dogs Into Lowes?

Lowe’s official policy regarding pets is that only service dogs are welcome in store, though not every location adheres to this stance uniformly. Before visiting one of the store locations with your animal companion, call ahead and get their approval before bringing your animal along.

Lowe’s takes an unusual step by offering dog friendly areas and policies at their store to provide customers with extra service.

Pet Policy

Lowes is a retail chain with a pet-friendly policy, permitting customers to bring in their dogs when shopping. Lowes believes this enhances customers’ shopping experiences and makes the shopping process more comfortable; however, policies vary by store so it is best to call ahead before coming in to confirm they allow dogs.

Dog owners must also be aware of which pets are allowed at Lowes stores in their locality. According to their official dog policy, both service dogs and pet dogs are welcome; on the other hand, Home Depot only permits service dogs in its stores and does not accept pet dogs as members of their store family.

An aggressive or destructive dog may become disruptive for other shoppers and service animals who are working. An owner should train their pup accordingly so it doesn’t become anxious in public spaces.

Misrepresenting a pet as a service animal is illegal. Any attempt at fooling Lowes staff with false evidence such as using fake harnesses on your pup to mislead them into thinking your animal was an assistance animal can lead to severe fines or even imprisonment for its owner.

Store Policies

Lowes is a pet friendly store, but there are some key things you must keep in mind before bringing in your furry friend. First and foremost, make sure your pup remains on a leash at all times for both their own safety and other shoppers’.

Also bring along waste bags, treats and a mat or blanket so your furry pal can relax on while shopping. Before entering Lowes take an opportunity for them to go potty before entering and clean up any accidents immediately!

Be mindful that every Lowes store may have different policies in regard to pets. If unsure, contact your store before visiting; for instance if your animal isn’t an approved service animal they could ask you to leave and local ordinances could supersede the overall Lowes pet policy.

Lowes stores welcome well-behaved dogs and other common pets, including exotic ones that do not make other customers feel unsafe, though exotic pets that threaten other customers may be denied entry. It is illegal to mislabel your pet as a service dog to gain entry to businesses that do not permit such entry; doing so discredits those who rely on service animals in daily life.

Safety Tips

When planning to bring your pet to Lowe’s, it is essential that you understand their official pet policy. Most locations of Lowe’s allow dogs, but individual store managers may make exceptions depending on local ordinances and personal preferences.

You should always bring along waste bags and ensure your dog wears its leash at all times; additionally, some people may have allergies or phobias related to pets so if someone seems uncomfortable around yours it would be best to move them to another area or leave altogether.

Your dog should also be made aware that certain Lowe’s products could be potentially hazardous to its health. Avoid letting him sniff or lick any items as these could potentially cause serious injuries; additionally, large or sharp objects pose additional threats that need to be watched out for.

If you plan on visiting Lowe’s with your pet, it is advisable to call ahead and confirm their pet policy. In addition, bring along a leash no longer than six feet so as to prevent your canine from becoming tangled up in displays or tripping other shoppers; retractable leashes pose potential tripping hazards in stores.


Lowes understands the significance of dogs to many families. To make sure their customers can maximize the time they spend with their four-legged pals, Lowes provides designated dog-friendly areas as well as a wide selection of pet products such as waste bags and poop remover solutions to food and water bowls for customers’ dogs.

At any store that allows dogs, make sure your pup is on a leash and under control at all times. Also make sure that other shoppers and store employees remain courteous by not disrupting them or interfering with their work – meaning no jumping up on people or showing aggression toward those with allergies or sensitivities.

Many stores have changed their policies to welcome pets, making it easier for pet owners to run errands with their pups.

It is still essential to check with each store location prior to bringing in your dog to ensure they follow company policy, bringing waste bags for disposal purposes while at the store, as well as providing comfortable carrier seating for them while at Lowes. Finally, remember to pack snacks and water as treats!


In conclusion, Lowe’s, like many other retail establishments, has recognized the importance of accommodating pet owners and fostering a pet-friendly environment. While the policy regarding dogs in Lowe’s stores may vary based on location and regional regulations, it is generally advisable for pet owners to check with their local store for specific guidelines.

Lowe’s commitment to being pet-friendly reflects an understanding of the close bond between individuals and their canine companions. For those locations where dogs are welcome, it provides an opportunity for pet owners to include their furry friends in the shopping experience, promoting a more inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere.

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